Nursery Schools and compromises

Next week we are going to visit some nursery schools. I wasn't expecting this to happen at all, or at the very least quite so soon, but it seems that a shortage of spaces in the local area means that you've got to get your kid's name down on a list before they've even got a name...

This has also flagged the issue of what we do post birth in regards to childcare and maternity leave. The plan was that one of us would stay at home full time, but recent promotions and retraining make that pretty unlikely to happen. To cap it off, my wife will have only 16-weeks off for maternity leave. And I'll have exactly nada, nothing, zip.

In Switzerland, there is no legal requirement for paternity leave. My company offers a discretionary couple of days, but I am yet to find out whether that'll be extended to me. I honestly doubt it, and have no legal leg to stand on to get a day off even for the birth. It is completely possible that I'll be asked to make up the time which is frankly fucking bananas. 

Politics aside, for now at least, what is most interesting about this situation is that it seems to be the first hint of me doing things I never thought I would. Before my wife got pregnant I had a list - no pacifiers, no disposable nappies, no nursery schools etc etc - but I'm already having to bend and shift in order to fit the small person around our life. Perhaps that is a sign of things to come, but we'll only know once the baby is here... wearing a plastic nappy with a dummy in its mouth at this rate. 


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