People watching and prams...

Sunday is a pretty good day for people watching, and my favourite pastime has now got a new logistical spin. Basically, when it comes to the practicalities of bringing a small person into this world, my wife and I aren’t sweating the small stuff. Look, we took five years of IVF clinics and private consultations and plane rides and sperm donors and operations and general chaos to get to the point that we are at now. So things like the day-to-day practicalities haven’t quite caught up yet. We have a friend who is due a month before us, and all they need is the baby monitor. We, on the other hand, have a Barbapapa lamp we fished out of a skip and a book about a giraffe.
We have loads of time… but still, we’ve started to think that we might need a pushchair. So in the sun, we sat on the shores of a rather big lake in Switzerland, watching the people promenade whilst paying close attention to the buggies that went by. This has taught us a few important facts –
  • NASA sent less advance technology and smaller vehicles to the moon
  • Big wheels seem a good idea for off-roading
  • A lot of designer brands do their own tie ins, and we will not be buying one of these
  • Babies in Maxi-Cosi style chairs look uncomfortably mooshed up
  • Green is a nice colour
Sure. We are pretty useless, but it has prompted us to make the effort next week and start looking at the smaller stuff. Until then, back to people watching in the sun.


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