"So why write anonymously?"

Why blog anonymously? Sure, no one has anyone has asked me that, because, you know, writing anonymously… but still, I thought I would address it. 
This answer is probably three fold, but to be honest the first and foremost reason is consent. Okay, what do I mean by that? Well, I mean I don’t have the foetus’ consent to write anything about it at the moment. I don’t have consent to post pictures, or to discuss anything that might lead to future small person being identifiable. And you know, the internet is kinda forever in some regard so as a prospective (protective) parent that feels safer to me. 
So yeah, consent can’t be given by Cletus (the foetus), so that defaults to me as future parent. And I don’t want to put up baby pictures or intimate details – I don’t think that is right (see my point above on the internet being forever). The other mother isn’t so keen on it either. But let’s get this clear, if you are the kind of parent who posts your sproglet up on Facebook every four minutes, then that’s great, but have you really honestly thought about the long term implications of that? Do you realise that Facebook owns your images now? Or by hosting this site on Blogger do I want to share the contents of my wife’s womb with Google? I asked myself this - am I happy to consent to my future child’s retroactive permission for pictures whilst before it is even born? – and the answer was no. Do I also want a child to grow up with the lens of a camera constantly in their face? Again, no. 

That image isn’t our baby. I just got that off someone’s Facebook. Yep. That’s how easy it is to share… so if you want to see images of my small person, let’s become friends in real life or marry into the family. There are a few vacancies waiting to be filled with a couple of the more distant cousins. Until then, that’s as good as you are getting. 
Anyway, so writing a blog anonymously is about consent and permission, but it is also about politics. I can’t help but feel that, as a citizen of another country in Switzerland, I cannot criticise too openly. So I won’t do it openly. I’ll do it anonymously. And sure, I don’t harbour ideas that I’m going to start my own fondue fuelled Arab Spring, but maybe if someone out there could take note of the fucking appalling gay rights record then that might be a good start. Without having to compromise my being here, because, you know, s’nice. 
Finally, I guess my reason for doing this anonymously is because I might just end up being really lazy. The internet is already littered with enough of my failed attempts a habitual writing. This would just be one less to leave on the conscience… 


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